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In the 21st Century, companies are looking for international guidance from experts who have a track record of global success.

Welcome to the Mentzhausen Management Consultant Team -  International Business & Legal Consulting. This site illustrates the background of the Mentzhausen  international consulting practice. The Manager and Director, George Mentz  (Counselor of Law) JD, MBA, QFP  is a licensed US attorney and international counselor who holds a Doctorate of Jurisprudence Degree and an MBA along with several other consulting credentials and wealth management designations.   Mentz has team members and associates in: India, Arabia, Asia, China, the EU, Latin America, and Africa.


Prof. Mentz  and his companies have provided help and services to thousands of professionals around the world, to WTC's "The World's Top Companies", and privately held corporations in over 20 nations.  With a blend of consulting, sales,  legal, marketing, global ecommerce and business strategy, the Mentzhausen companies have tripled revenue for select clients while reducing expenses overhead.

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