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Online LLM & Masters Degree in Law Program - Tax & Financial Services (Accredited Law School USA)


Dear Legal Professionals,


The American Academy of Finance and Management *AAFM ™,  invites you and your staffs to enroll in the Online USA Graduate Program in Tax and Financial Services. (Accredited Law School)


They offer 10 WEEK ONLINE Courses toward a Masters Degree or Board Certification in:


1) Wealth Management - CWM ™ Certified Program

2) Investment Management - CPM AAFM ™ Certified Program

3) Risk Management - CRA AAFM ™ Certified Program

4) Trusts and Estates Certified CTEP AAFM ™ Certified Program

5) International Tax - CITA/MFP AAFM ™ Certified Program

6) Private Banking Asset Mgt. CAM AAFM ™ Certified Program

7) Accredited Financial Analyst - AFA AAFM ™ Certified Program

8) AML and Finance Crimes - CAMC AAFM ™ Certified Program

9) Compliance Officers - CCA AAFM ™ Certified Program

See our Full Portfolio of Courses:



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